Brief Explanation on the Loss of Transitional Coaches

To clear up the confusion resulting from some misinformation being shared throughout our school communities, we wanted to provide a brief explanation on the loss of transitional coaches in our schools. 
The Monroe County School System was awarded a School-Based Mental Health Implementation Grant that allowed the placement of transitional coaches in our schools at no cost to the district, beginning midway through the 2022-23 school year.
After an investigation into the grant that went on to involve the State Comptroller, the TBI, and FBI, the school district was advised by the Board Attorney to terminate any relationship with the grant.
Though the school system never received the funds promised through the grant, the Director of Schools and School Board chose to continue the employment of grant funded positions through the 2023-24 school year, resulting in a cost of over $700,000 over the lifetime of the grant from local funds not originally included in the district’s budget. 
The school district was transparent in communicating the plan for the continuation and termination of any grant funded positions and the timeline for both, with anyone responsible for maintaining the grant and supervising the transitional coaches. 
Monroe County Schools recognizes the importance of addressing the needs of our students, and their mental and emotional health remains to be a priority for the system.  We will continue to dedicate district funds toward the provision of quality mental health services in each of our schools and will continue to pursue additional funding opportunities in the future.